27 AUG 2008 |   Deal or No Deal Promo Now Airing on NBC!

I'm in promos now airing for the upcoming syndicated 1/2 hr version of Deal or No Deal! See me act with funny chromedome Howie Mandel!

8 AUG 2008 |   Hermosa Beach Short Film Festival screening CigaretteLitter.org PSA!

This PSA, in which I play a frustrated game show contestant, will be screening at the Hermosa Beach fest on Friday 8/8 in the 6pm block of shorts. Come check it out!

2 AUG 2008 |   UCB Level 4 Class Show!

Last chance to see my UCB 401 class make stuff up! Come and laugh with (or at, if that's your thing, you bully) us at 6:30 at the UCB theatre.

28 JUN 2008 |   UCB Level 4 Class Show!

My UCB level 4 improv class will be performing the first of our 2 shows this Sat at 5 -- rumor has it we'll be performing a Harold in the dark. Sexy! Come see!

19 JUN 2008 |   ED (TED) now up at IMDB.com!

Have you ever wondered what ED (TED), a short I wrote and directed back in 2003, was all about? What's with the title? Who's Ed...more importantly, who's Ted? Now you can see for yourself at IMDB Theatre!

1 MAY 2008 |   OH, BABY horror/comedy short SEE NOW!

My latest project, a short called OH, BABY, is now live at ohbabymovie.com! Watch it, fool!

6 MAR 2008 |   OH, BABY horror/comedy short COMING SOON!

OH, BABY, the horror/comedy featuring two guys, a randy lady, and a pet named Baby and directed by me will be ready soon. Start holding your breath now! Check back for more info soon!

19 DEC 2007 |   My T-Mobile Commercial is online!

Check out the "Fuzzy Math" spot at this T-Mobile site! Yay!

16 DEC 2007 |   UCB 301 Show

My 301 class just finished up and we'll be performing at 4:30pm at the UCB theatre in Hollywood. Come see this strong group of improvererers! Then take a class there, because it's a great place.

31 OCT 2007 |   Videos on site now via YouTube!

Well, most of them. To make the videos easier to view, I've uploaded most of them on YouTube and embedded here. I was thinking of adding one where I'm all upset about Britney, but no one would want to watch that, right?

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