3 SEP 2012 |   Famous Footwear Ad! "Victory is Yours"

Go back to school, buy some shoes -- here's my spot in the "Victory is Yours" campaign!

25 APR 2012 |   Purolator "Dentist" Ad!

Currently airing! A fun and funny spot featuring me and the most excellent Thom Shelton.

12 JUL 2011 |   Partnership for a Drug Free America PSA!

A funny spot about the need to talk to your kids about drugs.

13 JUN 2011 |   HBO Go Commercial!

Check out my newest spot, for HBO Go!

24 NOV 2010 |   My current National Car Rental commercial!

In business mode, for Enterprise!

18 MAR 2010 |   See me on "Parks & Recreation"!

Hey, my first TV booking lives -- it's on the Deleted Scenes page of NBC's "Parks and Rereation" Videos page, under the "Park Safety" episode. See it here!

27 NOV 2009 |   Sears Commercial!

My Black Friday-related Sears commercial is up! Directed by the most excellent Baker Smith at Harvest Films.

1 SEP 2009 |   DEAD RONNIE full movie now up on IMDB

The dark comedy short that I wrote and acted in is now fully-streamable at IMDB. You can watch it whenever you (and your internet connection) want to -- happy happy joy joy! Featuring an ensemble cast of funny people. I've also written a feature version that is jumping out of my hot little hands to be made....

4 APR 2009 |   My new commercial!

Check out the awesome new Emerald Nuts commercial I'm in -- see it on the home page of this site, at YouTube, or at EmeraldNuts.com, under Videos. It's called "Falling" and I play a flight attendant. Who falls.

13 SEP 2008 |   OH, BABY at the Chicago Int'l REEL Shorts Film Festival!

My short OH, BABY will be screening in the SciFi/Horror section of this Chicago fest at 7pm at Film Row Cinema, 1104 S Wabash, 8th Floor, Chicago. Prepare to be terrified! I'll see you there.

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